Prashanth T.K.

I am currently pursuing my M.Math degree in Computer Science at David Cheriton School of Computing Science at the University of Waterloo.

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Current Status

Co-Op Masters student in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo

Analytics Intern , RBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto

Professional Experience

RBC, Royal Bank of Canada

Analytics Intern:

Using Deep Learning, NLP and researching robust AI techniques for using actionable data-driven metrics for formulating insight to power portfolio management and business in general.

SAP Labs India

Intern: SAP HANA Cloud Integration. 2017

As an iXP intern at SAP, I had a blast. I represented SAP in corporate football tournaments and hosted events like the NASA Space Apps 2017, Bangalore and the IXP India Summit 2017 . SAP wrote a blog about my adventures too.


I'm generally interested in applied and theoretical Artificial Intelligence like Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Computer Vision, NLP, Systems Programming and Integration, Computational Neuroscience, Cognitive Science and Psychology, Web Development, 3D scene modeling and surface reconstruction. I have worked on all ends of the technology stack in almost all of my projects. For more details on my skillset , please see my CV



Intern: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Integration Team. 2017

I implemented a stand-alone debugger system for SAP. Called "IFlowDebugger", it was used for customized troubleshooting Enterprise scenarios implemented on Apache Camel routes by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Integration team. I also participated in product discussions held during regular Scrum meetings and learned the functioning of a large Agile team.

Skills: Cross-Module Integration, Java, Maven, Agile development in a Scrum Team, Apache Camel, Git

SpoonSnap: Intelligent Mobile Food Logging and Recommendation Framework
Ramesh Jain, Dinkar Sitaram, Prashanth T. K., Animesh Sahay , Syed M.Q.

Developed a Food logging and analysis framework using image data of popular Indian dishes scraped from various social media sources. Used Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for food image analysis and location based dish recommendations

TargetZIKA: Disaster Situation Detection and Risk Preparedness For ZIKA Virus
Ramesh Jain, Ahmed Esmin, Prashanth T. K., Siripen Pongpaichet, Syed M.Q.

Developed a Disaster Situation detecting framework using Eventshop and a mobile phone app using Krumbs to generate microreports and aggregate heterogeneous multimedia datastreams to combat the ZIKA epidemic in Brazil using situation modeling.

Swacch-Bharat Image Analysis
Susheel Suresh,Tarun Sharma, Prashanth T.K., Dinkar Sitaram, Subramaniam K.V.
[view paper]

Developed an image analysis pipeline to estimate the metric volume of complex structured objects, specifically garbage dumps, using AlexNet, Structure from Motion and 3D Reconstruction.This project undertaken by a 9 member team is aimed at the Swacch Bharat Project in India.

Geospatial Interpolation Analytics Operator in Eventshop
Prashanth T.K.,Ramesh Jain, Mengfan Tang,Siripen Pongpaichet

Developed the Datasource Interpolation operator for increasing the accuracy of the geospatial interpolation operator of the Eventshop tool, by increasing the number of spectral features learnt from the semi-structured heterogeneous data streams .

Hierarchical Data Analysis using Multilevel Modeling
Kavi Mahesh, Prashanth T.K., I.K. Ravichandra Rao, K.N. Seetharamu, Akshay Somayaji, Varun Saboo

Enhanced prediction and knowledge analytics of hierarchically structured data to explain the conglomerated role of Impact factors, H indices, SJR ranks etc. on the number of citations and references a research article receives using Multilevel Regression.

A Shrinivas,Prashanth T.K., Sachit Nayak, Shiva Deviah

A social networking website used for the collaboration and discussion of academic projects and a student recruitment service for universities. Implemented as a part of Microsoft Mobile Innovation Lab, Summer Fellowship , I was the Chief back-end designer and Project Integrator in a team of 6 members.


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Course Projects

Ontological Analysis using a Graph database engine
Prashanth T.K., Channa Bankapur
Built an interface for the visualization of the road safety dataset of United Kingdom (dated 2012) using a graph database engine , Neo4j.

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Prashanth T.K.,Syed Munawwar Quadri, Ramesh Jain, Siripen Pongpaichet, Ahmed Esmin,"TargetZIKA: Disaster Situation Detection and Risk Preparedness For ZIKA Virus", U-Media 2017.

T.Sharma, S.Susheel,Prashanth T.K.,Dinkar S., Subramaniam K.V.,Nirupama M.,"Towards Quantifying the Amount of Uncollected Garbage through Image Analysis", ICVGIP-2016. [pdf]

T.Sharma, S.Susheel,Prashanth T.K.,T. Sajja,Uthej M.,Rugwed M.,"Real Time Video Content Based Contextual Advertisement",International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, IJCSIT-2016. [pdf]

Community Service and Volunteering Experience

Educated underprivileged children as a volunteer at the IYM Project 2014-15.

Periodically donate blood at the Rotary Club Blood Donation drives

Periodically donate blood at the St. Johnís Medical Institution campaigns

Academic Awards

Secured a rank of 1312 in the 10th National Science Olympiad

Placed 6th in the Titan Genius Kidz National Arithmetic Championship

Won 2nd place in the National Science Day Extempore Speaking Competition held at ISRO 2007.

Reached the Silver Level in the Meritus Scholarsips 2009 conducted at the National Level

--> Completed the Javascript workshop organised by UT Dallas

Felicitated by ACE Creative Learning for:

Sports and other Extra-Curricular Activities:

Won V.T.U. South-Zone State Level Inter Collegiate Football Tournament in Karnataka State for PESIT ,twice in 2014 and 2015 and finished fourth in V.T.U State Level Inter Zonals in 2015.

Won the Autumn Muse St. Johnís Inter College Hockey Championship for PESIT and Runners Up at the G.S. Randhawa Memorial Tournament.

Won the Bangalore South Zone V.T.U State Level Inter Collegiate Hockey Tournament and also went on to win the State Level V.T.U Inter Zonal Hockey Tournament in 2015.

Won the Samarpana India 10km Run - 2016.

Won gold in 200m,4x100m and were football champions, silver in long jump and 100m in the DCFL Annual Sports Meet in 2013.

Runners up at the G.S. Randhawa Memorial Hockey Tournament.

Runners up at the Rotaract Football Tournament.

Won gold in 200m and were football champions in the Deeksha Annual Sports Meet in 2012

Core organiser for hackathons and workshops for Student Nokia Developer, Microsoft Mobile Innovation Labs: #Code, Incito etc.

Core organiser for hackathons of the Computer Science Department of PESIT like Ayana.

Won the Olive and Frank Anthony Debate competition and the Rotary House Debate Competition

Won the St. Germains Quiz Tournament and the Inquizitive Tournament

Selected for the final round of the National Level Quiz - TCS IT Wiz

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